Yoga On The Deck

Don’t want to get sandy while you practice. No problem:) This session comes with all the beautiful sounds and smells of the oceans, and you can still feel the wind in your hair, without getting the sand all over you. This can be an individual session or, depending on the size of your deck, can be as many people as you want. *All sessions will be customized to fit your needs, and will include aromatherapy and specialized yogic breath. No experience or flexibility required.*

Charleston Beach Yoga on Sullivan's Island with Serenity Tree Yoga

Charleston Beach Yoga with Serenity Tree Yoga

Serenity Tree Yoga, Bachelorette Yoga on Folly Beach, Folly Beach Bachelorette

Yoga on the deck with these Charleston Bachelorettes.

Charleston Bachelorette Fun on Folly Beach

Charleston Bachelorette Party on Folly Beach with Serenity Tree Yoga

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