Glow Yoga

Join Serenity Tree Yoga on or around the new moon (weather permitting) for Glow Yoga on Folly Beach.   Grab your glow sticks, towel/mat/tapestry and meet us on the beach for glow in the dark fun.  If you don’t have any glow sticks or glow gear swing by Walmart on your way out to the beach they have a great selection 🙂 For more information you can contact Melora here  Photo cred goes to the very talented Kailee DiMeglio

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3 comments on “Glow Yoga
  1. Alex says:

    Hi! Are you having yoga tomorrow (Sunday) at Folly? If so, where & when?

  2. Melody says:

    Thank you for another Glow yoga. Very relaxing with the natural sounds of the waves. …. It’s people….. LOTS OF PEOPLE!!!! Can’t wait for the next Glow Yoga

  3. Denee says:

    I will be in town the week after Easter and I am hoping to take a beach yoga class. Is this something you offer weekly?


    Denee Reeves

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