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Charleston's best Yoga Instructor.

Charleston’s Choice Best Yoga Instructor

“Wanted to take a moment and say how absolutely wonderful Melora is.  I never realized how life changing and breathtaking beach yoga would be, and Melora is such a fantastic instructor I was left in awe.  Sunday’s class was incredible and I can’t wait for tomorrow morning.  I recommend Serenity Tree Yoga to everyone without a doubt”. ~ Monic

“Love the beach, love yoga on the beach, and love Melora! Always a peaceful experience with Serenity Tree Yoga!” ♥ Jennifer

“Full moon yoga this past Saturday was amazing!! It was just what I needed!”

“I had such a great Beach Yoga class today with Serenity Tree Yoga.  It made my body feel so good!  And I’m nearing that head stand too!  Eventually I’ll get there!” ~ Dallas Baker

“Had and AMAZING evening with friends doing glow yoga under the stars at Folly Beach last night…..can’t think of a better way to decompress and have fun….it was such a cool experience!” Leigh Helms

“My first day of yoga on the beach and it was awesome I love it what a great teacher Melora Morgan and what a beautiful place to do it Folly Beach and I can’t wait for more. I did it. And at the end she puts this nice ice cold rag with
essential oils over your eyes.    Ahhhh. On my way to getting healthier”

“That was truly one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life! Full moon yoga on Folly beach! Can’t get much better than that. I am hooked and want to do this every full moon! Every day for that fact, can’t wait to have you lead my birthday celebration with yoga on Folly Beach! That will be awesome. Thank you for sharing your talent with all!” Meike McDonald

“Full moon yoga AND glow yoga all in one month!! So grateful for having this incredible backdrop and phenomenal
teacher to keep me grounded! No photo can do the stars justice that we got to see both nights, such a gift Thank you Melora Morgan!!!”

“I just moved to Folly Beach from Asheville, NC a week ago today and was looking before I arrived for some Yoga classes in Charleston. I was pleasantly surprised to find not only Yoga but Yoga on the beach. After a very stressful experience of my partner losing his mom in December we decided to move here with his elderly dad to care for him and to live here after visiting for many years. First thing I did for myself was to
attend the beach Yoga class with Serenity Tree Yoga. I am so glad I did. It has been a year or so since I did Yoga but it is the only exercise I love. I am always looking for a teacher that not only instructs you how to move your body but one that also guides you to go a bit deeper beyond the body into the mind and soul and to be present with yourself and your surroundings. I am not only releasing the stress from my muscles and trying to get back in shape~~~I have been releasing long held stress and toxins from my mind. I am so grateful for being here at Folly Beach and for finding you Melora and your classes. I am being renewed and refreshed and am ever so grateful for the experience. I joined Gold’s Gym on James Island just to take more of your classes. I highly recommend others to try one of your classes.” Debbie Pustorino

“Moonlight Beach Yoga was amazing last night! The full magical moonlight rays flecked over our downward dog butts It was awesome.” Maria Rivers

What an amazing sunset yoga class last night!  Thank you!! Looking forward to the next.” Wendy Rogers

“Started this beautiful day with some early morning yoga  Inspiring, opening and relieving. Highly recommend it to my Charleston friends. Melora Morgan is one of the most wonderful instructors and people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and practicing yoga with. NAMASTE Serenity Tree Yoga” Lauren Jones

“Awesome full moon yoga tonight!  Thank you Melora!”

“Such an amazing night…soaking up the energy from our Full Moon Beach Yoga! What an incredible turn out!!! Thank you so much Melora Morgan

“Melora is one of the most wonderful, kind people on this planet.  She has worked with me to heal my body, my soul, and just to have fun practicing yoga in any way that works for me.  I love her drop in classes and the way they bring Folly people and visitors together, and I love recommending her for special events, bachelorette parties, etc.  She teaches at Gold’s Gym, offers privates in your home or on the beach, and many other options.  She’s a star!”

“Melora is an amazing yoga instructor.  Her classes are wonderful for the newbie, experienced yogi, and everyone in between.  She is encouraging but not pushy in her guidance.  She comes around and gives adjustments with feather-light touches or presses down with strength to help you get a deeper stretch.  The best part of class is the relaxation with the oils.      Take a beach yoga class, book a bachelorette/wedding yoga – you won’t be disappointed!” Maryanne

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