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Charleston Bachelorette Party with Serenity Tree Yoga

Back in the day when a girl was getting married, her best girlfriends planned one night of adventure for her.  Piling it all into one day.  The pampering, the celebrating, the drinking, and who knows where that night would take you.  Hop forward to now, and the bachelorette party has gone from one night to a fun filled weekend, sometimes even the whole week.  Leaving room for more ways to pamper and spoil your best girl, opening the door to so many possibilities.  So many ways to spoil, pamper and party with your bride to be. 

Charleston BacheloretteCharleston Bachelorette Ideas

Now a days the Charleston Bachelorette is hopping on a plane to their favorite destination, Charleston being one of the top cities.  Charleston has been voted Best City in the United States by Conde Nast Traveler, and is now becoming a number 1 destination for Bachelorette Parties.  Within the Charleston area you have 5 beautiful beaches; Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, Kiawah and Seabrook Island.  Charleston also offers a beautiful historic downtown area full of character, beautiful water views, gorgeous old oak trees and great parks.  Also known for it’s incredible restaurants, day spas and fun night life.  All of this together, makes for the perfect Charleston Bachelorette weekend.  Serenity Tree Yoga would love to add a little bliss to your perfect weekend. 

Charleston Bachelorette Fun with Serenity Tree Yoga on Folly Beach

For the Charleston Bachelorette, adding a yoga session to your trip is the perfect way to bring a little zen, wellness and detox to your weekend.  What better way to connect with your girlfriends then with a fun, playful moment to chill, breathe, stretch and giggle together.  And we LOVE practicing with Charleston Bachelorette groups.  We fully believe that laughter is the best medicine, and do our best to bring you a fun, playful practice.  One that will encourage you to connect with your girls, and leave you feeling light, free and full of good vibes.  We also specialize in hangover yoga, and will do our best to leave you feeling much better then when you arrived.  Giving you permission to let go of all those wedding worries, AND help you recover from the night before all at the same time. 

Click here to book your session with us today.   We also encourage you to take a look at our bachelorette testimonials and photos on our website. 



Charleston Bachelorette Yoga with Serenity Tree Yoga on Folly Beach

Charleston Bachelorette Fun Ideas, Yoga Party with Serenity Tree Yoga










Charleston Bachelorete Fun with Serenity Tree Yoga

Charleston Bachelorette Ideas, Beach Yoga with Serenity Tree Yoga


Serenity Tree Yoga offers regular Charleston Beach Yoga Classes all around the area, as well Bachelorette Yoga and Bridal Yoga Packages.  


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What Does Forgiveness Look Like?

Charleston Yoga, Melora Morgan, Serenity Tree Yoga


Day 6 of the #shineurlightproject ~ What does forgiveness look like? Forgiveness takes on many forms for me, but mostly it is freedom. The freedom to live my life without someone else’s burden. Without my own burden. Our minds sometimes can’t let go. It rolls situations over and over, replaying events of the past, hurting us over and over until we feel as if it just happened, and we are grieving that pain and betrayal. It is so important to stop and really look at what this is doing to us. To set those situation free. Open your heart, set your intentions and let your heart and soul heal. 
I also find this with motherhood. I have to forgive myself on almost a daily basis. I remember thinking when I was little that moms had it all figured out. Haha that’s total BS. Everyday my brain starts to tell me ‘your not giving them enough veggies, they can’t live on PB&J (actually they can but that’s for another day), they should be outside more, your letting them play on electronics too much, your shouldn’t have raised your voice, you shouldn’t have said that, you should quit working and play with them, shoot you embarrassed the kids again, it’s probably not Ok to have the text tone ‘I’m going streaking’ from the movie Old School on my phone’. Actually, my kids had to tell me that one 😉Anyway, on the regular I have to forgive myself. Not because of any of these things, but because sometimes I let myself get entangled in them. They weave their crazy little webs and create doubt that I’m not doing enough or being enough. That’s when I tell myself to shut the hell up, and I forgive myself for even thinking that way. It is such a relief to remind myself, and such a sense of freedom to know that actually, I’m doing a pretty damn good job. The kids have shelter, clothing and food. Basic needs check. The other stuff, I’m doing the best I can. And sometimes just to mess with the kids, I set that ‘I’m going streaking’ back on my phone. 
If you want to play along be sure to follow our hosts and show support for your fellow challengers by commenting and letting them know you got their back. Together we are stronger 💗

Serenity Tree Yoga offers regular Charleston Beach Yoga Classes all around the area, as well Bachelorette Yoga and Bridal Yoga Packages

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What Are You Grateful For Within Yourself

Still time to join if you want to play Day 4 of the #shineurlightproject What are you grateful for within yourself. I LOVE this question!! It is a little trickier then what are you grateful for. Most of us can come up with a number of outside things we are grateful for, but what about inside?? Why are we so comfortable talking down about ourselves, and so uncomfortable saying nice things about ourselves? What’s up with that?!?! We get so wrapped up in our negatives. We spin these webs of what’s not right in our lives, webs of what’s wrong with our personalities, about our bodies, about work. These webs are so intricate, so complicated, that we can’t see beyond. We can’t see all the beauty, all the strength, all the things people envy when they see you. So heck yeah to this question!! What are you grateful for within yourself? So here goes. 
Well, as day 3 shows, I don’t take myself too seriously, and I am really grateful for that. I learned long ago that it was silly to sweat the small stuff. Or, was it “Don’t pet the sweaty stuff” as Willie Nelson would say. I’m not a big worrier, I don’t think it accomplishes anything. I read a quote a long time ago that says “worrying is like sending a prayer to the universe about what you don’t want to happen”. I try to live by that. And I have read The Tao of Willie A Guide to Happiness in the Heart at least 3 times, and I pick it up and reference it ALL the time. My favorite quote of all times is from this very book. “ In life it is not how high you jump, or how fast you run, it’s how well you bounce”. As for my body, I really like my eyes, my smile and my derrière. 😉 What do you love about yourself?? Why aren’t your celebrating it? Why aren’t you talking about it? Why do feel uncomfortable talking about how amazing you are? The more you practice kindness, love and compassion for yourself, the more it becomes habit. Take the negative off repeat and switch up the song. I love you, YOU ARE AMAZING!! And remember to bounce baby bounce ✌️💚 #thisisyoga##biglove #lovebig #community

Serenity Tree Yoga offers regular Charleston Beach Yoga Classes all around the area, as well Bachelorette Yoga and Bridal Yoga Packages.  

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