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You have been planning and preparing for the big day for what seems like forever.  As the bride getting the date, the location, the dress.  Or maybe you are the BFF/sister helping to support, plan and help keep the bride calm. Now the bachelorette party is upon you and it’s time to celebrate!  Your group has picked Charleston SC as the bachelorette party destination, but now what? We can totally help you with that.  

Charleston is full of fun things for a bachelorette group to do over their weekend.  In fact many Charleston Bachelorette groups are now adding a bit of wellness and zen to their weekend.  Serenity Tree Yoga would like to offer you the opportunity to start your  bachelorette weekend out right with a fun, energizing, and relaxing yoga session.  Or maybe, plan it in the middle of your weekend to give everyone a moment to chill.  Or, a yoga session can be the perfect way to end your weekend.  You pick the day/time and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We have an amazing team of teachers full of love and giggles to make sure you have the best experience for your group.  All of those wedding worries can fall away while you move, breath and laugh with your girlfriends.  

Charleston Bachelorette, Folly Beach Bachelorette, Charleston SC Yoga

Let us cater the class to your specific needs.  We teach all levels of yoga… from absolute 1st time beginners to the most experienced of yogis! We will take extra care to make sure everyone in your group feels safe and loved.  We can also meet you at the location of your choice.  (See a few possible locations below) We’ve held sessions in all different locations around Charleston – from sunrise to sunset at any of our beautiful beaches, to under the palm trees at many of our beautiful waterfront parks, to the yard/porch of your rental, or in the comfort of your home.  As long as all of us can fit in the space, and it’s a quiet, serene environment, we’re down! 

We honestly love what we do.  We have the experience and knowledge to bring you a safe and engaging yoga practice. We love to laugh and bring a playful energy to every practice that we teach, but we especially enjoy the fun energy that bachelorette groups bring to a practice. Catering to the personalities in the group is a blast!  We as a team are not really fans of rules… however, one rule we always stick to is there is no judgement…never ever. Your group is free to be exactly whomever you need to be on the mat (or towel) during your session. If some of you need to spend the whole practice in a full relaxation pose because you had so much fun the night before… we say go for it!  Each session includes aromatherapy, yoga postures, deep relaxation and maybe some fun pictures 🙂You can let all of those wedding worries fall away while you move, breathe and laugh with your girlfriends.  And think about it, it is probably really smart to get in some pre-game stretching before the big night , or some post game detox after the big night 😉 

So gather your girls, the champagne, the bachelorette sash, the boa, the matching tanks and maybe throw in some yoga pants for good measure.   We encourage you to take a look at our bachelorette testimonials and photos on our website.  Click here for more information on packages and booking.

Here are some of our possible locations for your session ~

Folly Beach Bachelorette Yoga 

Sullivan’s Island Bachelorette Yoga 

Isle of Palms

Waterfront Park, Downtown Charleston

White Point Gardens, Downtown Charleston



Bachelorette Yoga Charleston SC...Bachelorette Yoga Charleston SC..Bachelorette Yoga Charleston..Bachelorette Yoga Charleston.Bachelorette Yoga Folly Beach.For more information on our packages and booking, please fill out our contact form.

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5 comments on “Charleston Bachelorette Yoga
  1. Maggie Ferguson says:

    I’m interested in booking a bachlorette yoga on march 11 on the beach. What are the costs and do you book at that time ?

  2. heather says:

    Hi I’m looking to do yoga for a bachelorette party for about 10 girls on june 11th in the late morning ish. What are the times and possible locations?

  3. Jacki Garner says:

    Looking to do a beach yoga class for a Bachelorette party June 3rd late morning… is there any availability?

  4. Kim Ridley says:

    Looking to book the weekend of March 11th for a bachelorette party of 5! Any availability for Friday or Sunday late morning?

  5. Katie Ullman says:

    Hi. Do you have any bachelorette party yoga availability for Friday, March 24th or Saturday, March 25th? Party of 10 girls.

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