Client Testimonials:
 Melora is one of my favorite yoga teachers in Charleston, and I would recommend her whether you have been practicing for years or just want to get started with yoga. Her full-moon beach yoga sessions are INCREDIBLE! There is absolutely nothing like seeing the moon rise over the waves while you are upside-down in down dog! Melora is warm, calm, and nurturing, and her classes soothe me even on the most hectic day. She is also very knowledgeable about alignment, and her assistance with a knee issue I was having greatly strengthened my practice, as well as prevented me from injury. Her hands-on assists will help you truly understand your poses or simply relax you in savasana. I'd happily recommend Serenity Tree Yoga to anyone in Charleston looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga class! "Just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful family session during our week at the beach!  After long days in the sun and long nights having fun... our morning yoga session was the perfect way to recharge and renew our energy to finish out the week making the most of every moment together!  We were so impressed with your teaching style... easy and unintimidating for beginners with special twists to challenge those family members that weren't new to yoga.  So neat to get to do this with my daughter and my mother and so many women (and men!) that are so special to me.  Thanks again!! " Leah Neifert "Melora ~ You are one of the most amazing and inspiring people that I have ever met.  Your spirit and your light are incredible and so uplifting.  I'm so happy that we got to have this session together.  Thank you so much for taking time for me! Our private yoga session was very much appreciated.  It's going to be a serious challenge to find another yoga teacher in Charlotte.  Namaste"  ~ Lauren "Melora came to our beach house in Isle of Palms to lead a Saturday morning beach yoga session for our bachelorette party. She was so sweet and tailored the class to the skill level of all 11 girls. She provided mats, as well as a small gift for the bride and party booker which was really sweet! We all loved her and thoroughly enjoyed our session with her. I'd highly recommend hiring her for a bachelorette party or wedding day session. She was very responsive and interested in making sure that the class was exactly what we were looking for" "Melora was absolutely great! She drove about 40 minutes out to the Isle of Palms to teach us a yoga session on the beach! Unfortunately, it was a cold and windy day, but she stuck it out and taught us a great class! She even offered up her own gloves and blankets to us. She is awesome and I would recommend her to anyone 🙂 " "You are amazing and your bright light shines through to all who meet you. Thank you for using your gifts and your compassionate heart to bring goodness and love into the world. Your beach yoga sessions have been so healing for my heart this year and have strengthened my spirit and body.  Love and light to you! Keep sharing your gifts with the world." Sarah Poe "I could not recommend Serenity Tree Yoga enough! Melora was so nice and easy to coordinate with leading up to the weekend. Christine  ultimately lead our class, and she was amazing. We did yoga at Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston and it was a perfect backdrop. We loved Christine's routine (perfect combination of energizing and relaxing). At the end, she came by and put cool, aromatherapy towels on our eyes. We all agreed that we felt like we were at a yoga retreat! Everyone felt so happy and relaxed after our yoga session, and I really credit Serenity Tree for helping make the bachelorette weekend in Charleston so amazing. HIGHLY recommend!" Lauren S. "Our bachelorette party had a great experience with Melora from Serenity Tree Yoga. She was very accommodating (driving to Isle of Palms, bringing mats, doing our session on the beach), punctual, easy going, and fun! She has a quick response time and is great to work with! Her dedication in making the session exactly what the bride/bridal party wanted was exceptional. Very pleased with our experience and wish we lived closer to use her again on the wedding day!!" "Melora is by far the best yoga instructor I have ever had! She is a wonderful person to be around. What a blessing this would be on your wedding day." "Extremely grateful to know this positive, beautiful, kind, humble spirited person who is an absolutely amazing yoga instructor! Thank for all you do Serenity Tree Yoga" Taylor Langford "I’ve been intimidated by the idea of taking a yoga class for as long as I can remember, but after doing a private session, in my own home, with Melora, I’m such a huge fan!  She has such a gentle spirit and took the time to explain each and every movement, giving me alternate poses to try that worked for my own body, flexibility and strength.  As a beginner, Melora made me feel 100% comfortable with my own body and the current level of my ability.  Who wouldn’t love that as a beginner?!   I left the session feeling loved, encouraged, relaxed, perfectly stretched and at total peace!  Thank you Melora!!! "- Jill Osteen with Aaron Nicholas Photography
"Beautiful experience! Melora has a special touch and uniqueness that is truly a gift. Sessions with her last far beyond ...the scheduled class hour. There are spiritual lessons and takeaways that remain with you...that, alone, is priceless." Donloyn
"Melora is a fantastic instructor and stands out from all other yoga instructors I have had; teaching private and group classes. Melora is very knowledgeable and strong in her practice and makes for an excellent leader. She understands how to communicate and teach all that yoga is and stands for, always helping and encouraging students to become their best self in their practice and in life. She led an amazing private class on the beach for myself, my husband and bridesmaids the day before our wedding. It was really awesome and I recommend trying it! We left feeling much stronger, relaxed and balanced." ~ Heidy Rucker "It's not everyday you get married and it is so easy to forget in the wonderful craziness to take a moment for yourself. When I decided to do Bridal Yoga I was excited to share a peaceful moment with my bridesmaids. I didn't realize just how much I needed it to ground, breath, and remember what is important on that most special of days. The calm and happiness that I gained in our practice stayed with me through my entire wedding day. Melora helped to remind me to dig my feet in the ground, not sweat the small stuff, and enjoy the moment. And... I was getting a good workout in the entire time! Incredible. Melora has a gift. She brings so much positive energy, light, love and happiness to her yoga sessions. She reminds me to be content, to breath, and to appreciate just being present and in the moment. Through her thoughtful words and heartfelt practice I have learned to love and appreciate myself a little more. She is truly inspiring."   ~Namaste, Courtney Yannitelli " I have been to yoga studios all over the world and practiced with some of the most peaceful and dedicated yogis a person can hope to find.  And then the unexpected happened...I was fortunate enough to find myself in a semi-private practice with Melora.  Her grace, quiet confidence, and enduring compassion encompassed the room as we settled into one of the most gratifying practices I have ever had.  A hidden gem not in India or Bali, but right here in our own backyards!   You are very lucky, Charleston, to have such an amazing yogini! " ~Alisa Pereira "I have a history of severe anorexia, a life long battle with body image and was an avid cardiac junkie, always afraid of yoga or turned away by past instructors who I felt judged me if my poses weren't perfect. Then, I tried Melora's classes and she helped me strengthen God's light within myself, helped me to recognize the importance of truly embracing my inner beauty and of believing in myself. She taught me to laugh when I fall out of a pose and most importantly to "Breathe...." The light within all of us may mean something different but to truly love and honor the light that shines within your soul is a gift meant to share with the world. SMILE... you never know how "your light" could positively impact or bless someone else. Thank you Melora! Love you and am praying for many blessings upon Serenity Tree Yoga "  ~Susanna Myers Heffernan "I have been taking yoga classes with Melora for over a year and can speak from experience that she is really one of a kind. She radiates peaceful, loving energy and as all her students will attest, when you leave one of her classes you can’t help but feel totally amazing. She has helped me grow in my practice by teaching me the importance of staying in the moment, being kind to yourself and letting go of the things that don’t serve you. Those are not always easy things to learn or implement, but because of Melora, I am starting to grasp the concept and it really is life changing. I worked with her in class and also in one-on-one sessions in preperation for my wedding, as a self-proclaimed crazy Bridezilla I wanted to let go of anxious energy and learn to be in the moment so that on my wedding day, I could feel present and open. As a bride, there is so much chaos going on around you that it is easy to absorb all that distraction and not truly be “in the moment”, not only as the big day approaches but on the actual wedding day. On my wedding morning, Melora and I climbed on the roof of my beachhouse at IOP and did 2 hours of yoga and reiki. This was before the craziness of the day began, where it was just her and I and our mats. I can honestly say it was the BEST thing I did for myself for my wedding day. All my worries, fear, anxiety and constant stream of thoughts just dissapeared and I was able to walk down the aisle feeling like the only emotion that remained in my body was pure, overflowing happiness and joy. What a gift to be able to truly experience such an important day from a heart that is open and clear. I never, ever would have been able to have that experience if it weren’t for the work I did with Melora, for the things she has taught me along the way, and for the yoga that morning on the rooftop. I promise you, it will make such a difference in how you experience your special day. It is a gift to give yourself. Everybody says that your wedding day flies by and it is over before you know it. This is partly true. But I know that my experience was different, my memories clear of each and every beautiful second. The best part was I wasn’t nervous, I was just really, really happy. Thank you Melora for helping me have that experience of truly “being present” and living in the moment. You are the best!! " ~Taylor Anne Taylor "Serenity Tree Yoga was the best present I could have given my best friend and bride to be before her big day. Melora Morgan came out to the beach house for a private session specialized just for the bride and groom. Everything was perfect!" ~ Ariana Cohen "Melora Morgan has been my yoga instructor for 7 years, and I still anticipate her class every week at Gold's Gym.  She always puts me in the best mood, and afterwards I know I can tackle my hectic days at ease.  Her private session at my house was very beneficial -  she catered to my specific needs and it was very therapeutic.  Melora's yoga sessions are both a great work out and an amazing mental escape". ~ Andrea Serrano, Fashion Stylist, busy mother of 2 "I booked a yoga session with Melora for my sister's bachelorette party. The class was perfect, and we loved working with Melora. We were able to do yoga in the morning on the deck of the beach house we rented. Melora is very attentive and made our yoga session both relaxing and fun. I highly recommend Serenity Tree Yoga." Allie  "As if the beach isn't relaxing enough, I had the pleasure of a private reiki/yoga session from Melora on the porch of our beach house. She tailored the session towards my needs, then surrounded me with soothing reiki and aromatherapy. I truly felt refreshed--mentally and physically. What a treat!" ~Melanie Rutledge, Mother of 2, Keeper of the peace "WOW!  Thank you, Melora  at Serenity Tree Yoga for a relaxing, inspiring, and invigorating Reiki & Chakra Session!  I feel more vibrantly   alive and centered.  It was an extremely enlightening experience and I highly recommend it to all of you!" ~Michelle Lee "I had the great fortune of experiencing both a private session and a public session on the beach with Serenity Tree this month! -Private Session- I was a procrastinator and didnt' reach out to Melora to schedule a session until the Tuesday prior to my weekend visit. Lucky for me she has a great team of private instructors willing to teach sessions to small groups. Lauren was the instructor for our 6-person mixed-level class on the beach. We met on a Saturday morning at 8:30 am (definitely schedule early lessons--traffic is at a minimum and it isn't so very hot) and commenced a slow-flow Level I practice. Lauren was great at helping those newer to yoga find their poses, but also offered a wide-range of variations for participants who were practicing at a higher level. I couldn't believe how fast the 60 minutes went! Everyone really enjoyed the flow and Lauren was a rock star. She knew just how far to "push" each yogi during the session to get the perfect morning practice. I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone vacationing on the island. What a treat! -Public Session- I was able to join Melora at the 6th Street practice the following Sunday morning. I was surprised at how many folks joined. I am pretty sure it was pushing 50 people. Also, there were a wide-range in practice levels. We even had some chair-yoga practice going on in the back (AWESOME). Melora was great at walking around and providing direction and adjustments and the class flew by. Like others have mentioned, this is donation based which is a steal if you are on a budget. You also get a 10% discount card for the juice truck on Folly after class. I will definitely schedule another private session for our next group trip, but will keep visiting the public sessions when I am down on the island solo. Thanks for an amazing experience!" Abby A "Love the beach, love yoga on the beach, and love Melora! Always a peaceful experience with Serenity Tree Yoga!"  ♥ Jennifer "I can't thank Melora enough for teaching such a wonderful yoga class specific to our bachelorette party! She made it relaxing but also fun. I will keep this in mind when I head back to Charleston for vacation! Thanks!" Liz "Melora is amazing! That's really all I need to say and it should convince you to book time with her. I went there for my best friends bachelorette and we were all so tired and hung over on the Sunday we scheduled it with her, but we couldn't have picked a better end to our weekend. Even the people who were hungover said they felt 1 million times better afterwards! She totally adjusted the workout for our "level" that day. Thanks Melora!" Emily "Always have a warm heart leaving Meloras classes. Great instruction and gentle adjustments. Thank you for being awesome!" Jessica "This past weekend, I treated everyone who came to my bachelorette party to some beach yoga!! Melora was a great instructor. The girls raved about the session and can't wait to do it again! The price was very affordable and well worth it! Thanks again!!" Allison "I won a free yoga session on the beach with Melora and it was so great! She was very accommodating and made the session to our needs. We had a range of people from someone who had never done yoga before and someone who is a yoga instructor herself and each one of them truly enjoyed it!  It was very relaxing and we watched the sunset during the session and she took awesome pictures! The relaxation towels at the end were a great touch!  I've also gone to one of Melora's donation based yoga classes on the beach and it was also just as awesome! I left feeling so relaxed and ready for the day 🙂 Highly recommend!" Rebecca S "We had a private  Beach Yoga session with Melora last week as part of my friend's Bachelorette weekend. Our group had an incredible time, and found the session incredibly relaxing and grounding -- just what the bride to be needed! The experience was so personal and wonderful - wish I could continue to take classes with her outside of vacation life!" Sarah D "Melora led a private beach yoga session for my friends and I on my Bachelorette weekend in Isle of Palms.  She has such great energy and really helped each of us to focus our mind, body, and soul throughout the session.  Melora will customize her sessions to meet various experience levels and/or handicaps.  Being somewhat of a yoga novice, I have a newfound appreciation for the practice thanks to Melora.  It was such a nice relaxing start to my Bachelorette weekend and such a neat experience to treat my friends too!  Not to mention she designed a Yoga Bride tank for me to wear during my session!" Marisa "We were on a Bachelorette trip and decided it might be nice to do a few healthy things while there. Melora led our little group on the beach. She made the experience so peaceful and enjoyable. She led a session that was suitable for a group with a lot of variety. We enjoyed our private session so much that we went to her public classes later in the week. This was one of my favorite moments of my entire trip." Kristen T "I worked with Melora to organize a group yoga class on the beach for my best friend's Bachelorette party in Folly. She made our session so personalized and fun for our entire group. She included a variety of poses so that regardless of experience level, every girl was able to have fun with it. She clearly has a great practice and thrives in private group." Kelly F  Melora is amazing! That's really all I need to say and it should convince you to book time with her. I went there for my best friends bachelorette and we were all so tired and hung over on the Sunday we scheduled it with her, but we couldn't have picked a better end to our weekend. Even the people who were hungover said they felt 1 million times better afterwards! She totally adjusted the workout for our "level" that day. Thanks Melora! Emily B "I’d had back problems from spending ten hours a day in an office chair for years on end. My Chiropractor recommended yoga and I lucked out in finding Melora. She is truly special; the intersection of a person keenly aware of her unique talents and a clear mission ideal for their application. Her classes are not mere instruction, but an experience. Not only has my back improved, but so has my mental focus and general level of mellow. The phrase, “it will change your life” is overused, but I can say that attending Melora’s class regularly has improved mine. Many thanks!" Jason "We had a bachelorette party of 8 meet Katie at Sullivan's Island. It was after a late night out, so we were all wary of how this would go. Katie was WONDERFUL. I'm not a big yoga enthusiast, but this made me start changing my mind. The session was a great mix of beginner and intermediate, as per our request. Melora and Katie did a great job of taking requests and being accommodating t our needs.  We were worried it would be too cold to go to the beach, so we had alternatives just in case. But it turns out Sullivan's Island was great, because we could walk around for lunch after. I highly recommend this as a fun group activity while in Charleston, especially if you are there to celebrate/commemorate a certain event. Everyone of us loved it! Thanks Katie and Melora!" Pamela D
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  1. Lauren says:

    Melora is such a wonderful instructor and such a kind spirit! I love her beach yoga and couples classes. She came out to Folly Beach for birthday yoga for me this May and my friends and I had a wonderful time. We saw pods of dolphins swim by as we were all relaxing in tree pose. It was amazing! Highly recommend contacting Melora for your next girls day,birthday or just anything!

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